Versatile and outstanding drums & loops

A new, creative way to make music

Drumtag is a state-of-the art sample library featuring over 2300 ready-to-use premium sounds that will unleash your creativity with new and outstanding sound design techniques that are suitable for all kinds of music. All the drum samples and loops were created and processed using high-end equipment and extensively tested to guarantee a perfect final mix. Feel free to customize your drums by adding outstanding layer material like dirt, tail, reverb impulse or crackle samples. Drumtag also comes with hundreds of outstanding loops that enable you to combine them in creative and intelligent ways. You can stack several loops without having a cluttered mix – start your track with a subtle loop, add hi-hat loops when the beat drops, and create variety by adding percussion loops. Another highlight is the sample rate of 96khz, which has a huge positive effect on the sound quality.

Drumtag was designed to be the most advanced sample library for drums and loops on the market. It provides a unique and inspiring way to quickly realize your ideas and get professional results. It features thousands of ready-to-use premium sounds suitable for all kinds of music.

Create unique drum sounds – and stand out

Intelligent and handcrafted layer material

In addition to thousands of ready-to-use one-shots and loops, Drumtag provides intelligent handcrafted layer material. Over 500 dirt samples, snare tails, reverb impulses and subtle loops give you the creative freedom to customize your own drums or loops.

Use a dirt or crackle layer to create a dirty and crunchy bass drum. Boost your snare drum by adding a tail sample, or create a sense of distance to your percussion by adding reverb impulses. Increase or decrease these effects by adjusting the volume levels of your layer sample.

Every layer sample can be mixed with any type of drum sample, which gives you endless possibilities for defining your own sound. Unleash your creativity and craft your unique signature with hundreds of handcrafted and inspiring layer samples.

Drum loops that unleash your creativity

A new and unique way to work with loops

Cluttered loops limit your ability to create truly interesting track arrangements and can result in a repetitive and boring mix. That’s why Drumtag comes with hundreds of handcrafted loops which make combining them in a creative and intelligent way possible. You can stack several loops without having a cluttered mix, which will be extremely useful for your track arrangement.

Start your track with a subtle loop, add hi-hat loops when the beat drops, and create variety by adding percussion loops. Feel free to experiment with different loop combinations to create a unique drum loop for your track.

All loops are categorized in percussion, tambourine, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, shaker, subtle loops and background loops.

No mixing required. Guaranteed.

Focus on the important things

Mixing can be very time-consuming for producers. To save your time, Drumtag comes with extensively tested samples. The volume and frequencies of all samples have been specially prepared to guarantee a perfect blend, without the need for further adjusting or mixing. Every drum sample, loop, layer sample or fx sound will blend perfectly with others. Bassdrums will have a solid low end and blend perfectly with punchy snare drums, crisp hi-hats, or unique drum loops. These subtle but essential mastering and sound-design techniques will result in a better final mix.

Higher sample rate - new possibilities

A sample rate of 96khz

A regular sample library comes with a sample rate of 44khz and 16-bit depth. Drumtag was created with high-end equipment using a sample rate of 96khz and 32-bit depth to provide significant sonic advantages. The increase in the sample rate has a huge positive effect on the sound quality of drum samples or loops. You can hear the differences in the examples below.

Slightly mastered - better final mix

Don’t ruin your mix with over-compressed samples

Having a compressor or limiter on top of heavy compressed and processed drum samples will make your track sound squashed and choked. Instead, Drumtag provides very subtly mastered and processed samples. These samples will reveal their full potential in your final mix. Your bass drums will have a solid low and blend perfectly with punchy snare drums, crisp hi-hats and warm percussion samples.

Everything you need for your productions

Over 2300 cutting-edge one-shots and loops


Finding the right bass drum or kick drum is essential for your mix. Drumtag contains over 300 cutting-edge bass drums suitable for all kinds of music and categorized in layered hard, layered medium, layered soft, clean hard, clean medium and clean soft kicks.


There are several ways to work with snare drums. To cover all use cases, Drumtag contains 200 snares categorized in clean, dirty, clap & snare, offbeat, offset and reverb sections. Feel free to boost your snare drums by adding tail samples.


With Drumtag’s 200-plus well-organized cutting-edge claps, you’ll find the right sound for your track in no time. Choose between clean, dirty, layered, percussive, 909, reversed, reverb or real claps. Customize your clap even further by adding tail or dirt sounds.


Another highlight is the cymbal section, which includes more than 400 organized, state-of-the-art cymbals. All hi-hats and cymbals are categorized into the sections, clean closed & open hi-hats, dirty closed & open hi-hats, crashes and rides.


All percussion samples are separated into two categories: analog and layered. Expect to find basic, noisy, percussive, deep and electronic percussions. Combining these percussions with additional layer samples will create outstanding and unique sounds.


Over 400 outstanding perfectly blending loops make it possible to create a solid track in no time and allow you to unleash your creativity. All loops are categorized in closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, shaker, tambourine, percussion, subtle and background loops.

Layer material

Use a crackle or dirt layer to create a dirty bassdrum. Create a sense of distance to your percussion by adding reverb impulses, or boost your slap by adding a tail sample.

Sound effects

With more than 300 sound effects, Drumtag provides everything to build an exciting track arrangement. Expect to find noise, deep, fade-in, flanger, swooshes, reverb and crash sound effects. Feel free to combine various FX samples to create a unique sound that fits your production.

Suitable for all kinds of electronic music

The right choice for your production

There is a slight focus on electronic dance music, but this sample pack works in a wide variety of other music production fields. Feel free to use these sounds for your pop, house, rap, hip-hop, R&B, drum & bass, techno or trance production.

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What‘s inside?

Upgrade your productions to the next level

Samples 2400
Samplerate 96khz + 44khz
Filetype Wav
Patches Battery, Kontakt, Ableton
Midi Midi files included
Bit depth 32bit + 16bit

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